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Welding table project.

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    One of the nicest ones I have seen was on Garage Journal, it was similar to one here and I like the features he built in, must have a real good idea to start with and it wouldn't be beyond me to tack it up for use and make changes as needed. Give it all a test run, ha. My tables are really pathetic, its not that they don't work but just kind of a cobbled mess from what I had at the time. Unless I got a real reason I don't care for huge bench and it doesn't have to be super heavy, about 3x6 or so, something easy to walk around and reach across. If it was on wheels I wouldn't bother with electric on it, park so light and utilities were convenient. Most of the time I would just as soon have a vise fixed in another spot.
    If its fixed I like a taller shelf so I can sweep under, some overhang to allow for clamping and to drill a couple holes but I like solid top. don't want crap falling thru, dirt, dust, parts, my tape or soapstone. Them things with the grates,,, not for me, great for a guy that needs it. The rare time I would need any great accuracy I could compensate for. Its got to hanger the hammers, clamps, some wrenches, shelf under for grinders and misc tools. I have the luxury of being able to bolt them to the floor, actually welded one side to embedded steel.
    One of these days I will steal some designs from here and build a couple new ones but today it wont make me any more money than the ones I got. Ha