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Venturing into pipe???

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  • Venturing into pipe???

    To start off, I am a 20 yr old guy who has been welding in the field for about a year and a half. I have 2 years vocational experience. In the field I have worked with Gmaw(about 1 year) Smaw(6 mos) Gtaw(2mos). I have a position waiting for me with a company to weld pipe but have never been in a situation to do so. I am currently taking additional night classes to pick up that area of welding but find that I am sort of at a loss when It comes to getting the 6g position down. The test is going to be on 2" sch 40 and 6" sch 80 for both Gtaw and Smaw, carbon and stainless. So if there are any tips, links, videos or other informational peices to be provided, they would be greatly appriciated.


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    Get over to the AWS website and go to the forums!

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      I hope you didn't pay too much for vocational training that left you unable to weld pipe. What a rip off!!

      I spent 5 months in a vocational school, and left to my first welding job, as a journeyman pipe welder...tig and stick.

      Too many schools waste too much time on MIG. I mean, you spent a year on MIG, which qualifies you for many low end or maybe midrange jobs, and only 2 months on tig...which you have to be good at to get into the best jobs. Why can't they spend more time teaching skills and trying to get people on track to be in the best jobs, rather than making mediocre welders?

      I'd be pissed off if I spend 2 years in school and left not knowing how to tig/stick pipe. Think they'd give your money back, or give free classes? They may. Some schools have guarantees that allow for future training, at no cost.


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        Well I did the 2 years vocational, but the experience listed, was the experience I have out in the field so far. They definitely did not stress to much on tig or arc, it was at our liesure so to speak. They didn't touch on pipe what so ever. It was an easy out for me in high school so I figured why not. The class was only 300 dollars, and while they provided they training facility, tools and a knowledgable staff, they should have been more strict and stressed the demands of the field as opposed letting us **** around. I am taking more classes at the same facitlity to try and brush up on stick and try and get the hang of pipe before the test. I have got a job there regardless, but theres a difference of about 6-10 dollars on the hour based on if I get hired on as a tig hand, stick hand or combo welder, so I would really like to get it down on both ends. Out of curiosity, what is the best gas mix to use when tig welding carbon? I was trying it with straight argon today for a brief period of time and I noticed a lot of porosity. Again any advice, links, videos or other educational information would be greatly appriciated.