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mix lincoln tig module with miller bobcat 225g

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  • mix lincoln tig module with miller bobcat 225g

    Will it damage my miller bobcat 225 to use lincoln tig module with contactor?

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    Do you already have the Lincoln Tig rig or are you thinking about buying one? If you already have it , have you used it yet? I don't see where it would really hurt anything to use it, but I'm not 100% sure. If you are looking to buy new, I would just by the Miller Tig set-up. I have a Bobcat 225 myself and have thought about getting a Tig but don't think it would be of much benefit to me since most of my welding takes place outside. Stay tuned I'm sure someone will answer this question soon enough. You might consider posting this on "Welding Discussions" too, the answer may come sooner.
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      already have lincoln tig module and contactor

      I already have a lincoln tig module and contactor. Not sure if it is compatible.Thanks for the tip to post on "Welding Discussions". Have not used it yet.
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        Its fine to use, zero problems, basically its internals are identical to a Miller anyways.

        We mix and match feeders to powersources constantly