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Mobile Welding Table - My First Home Project

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    hello dan.......

    Yes, I see what you’re saying Dan. Earlier in this discussion there was thinking that a GFI would protect him & I just wanted clarify how a GFI works and how the ground wire could (???) get overloaded & that the GFI would not protect him. It only took me a novel to say it. I just replied back to him that kinda explains that we might be over thinking this topic. The potential is there though, but will it really happen??? Probably never, but it is one thing to do things we do at work, but when we weld at home in maybe an attached garage/house with our loved ones sleeping at night its a different story. Or at least chad got me to thinking about things. & if anything, it was fun because we can “what if” all day long! Thanks Dan, Rodney