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  • Hello NEW to the forum

    Hello all i wanted to introduce myself to the group. Im 30 years old and just gout out of the Marine Corps. I did 11 years and decided it was enough. I start school in a few days for welding. I bout a millermatic 180 that i taught myself to mig weld with and i love that machine. and i just bought the other day a syncrowave 200 and teaching myself how to tig/stick weld. I am the type that lieks to learn things on my own but school is going to help a lot as well not to mention allow me to get paid more when i finish school. I do ask a lot of questions to be prepaired to see a lot of my posts .lol

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    Is that a Millermatic 175? I had one for several years and loved it. Finally replaced it (sold it to a friend who still has it) with a Passport.

    Welcome to the forum!


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      oops no its a millermatic 185 i love it though


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        That's an older one, significantly more powerful, too. I hear lots of good things about it. I think even spray transfer is possible for you with that.


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          spray transfer? whats that?


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            High-energy, high-penetration, low-spatter, down-hand GMAW process using a high-argon shielding gas.

            Read this:

            You'll know more than any of us if you memorize it...


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              Welcome to the board spent 10 there myself
              [email protected] trail blazer 301g with all the fixins:delta band saw dewalt chop saw craftsman drill press, sp-135 mm251 spectrum 375 suite case mig, tig w/hi freq. one welding truck.


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                welcome Rocketeir

                welcome to the board, Thanks for all you service to our country
                I truely respect our men and wemon of the service. .Thanks
                I hope you have a great time in the class and learn a lot
                look farward to reading your posts