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  • confused with 350P

    Heah guys I'm totally lost when it comes to setting my 350P. I just recently purchased it and have completed a few jobs using the mig side. Welds great on mig. But I purhased it for the pulse mode and can't seem to set it to weld the way I would like. Is it me or others having the same problem? With all the different settings referred to in the video and different sub settings it's very confusing. Could I use all of the default settings and adjust just the voltage and wire speed to weld 1/8"to 1/2" aluminum in this manner? All of the settings like crater,run in, etc. mandatory? Is there any video or literature available to help me?

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    I noticeed the other day on Shop Floor Talk that they had post about the 350 and how to set it up. Might try over there. I don't know any thing about the 350.


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      I have a 350P and I am failr lost too. Like woodshed said there is a thread on SFT. I posted the one on SFT to help me out with my 350p, I recieved some info about it, but not a great wealth of info, even thought SFT was the the most helpful forum. I got very little responce on this site and on hobart. I think that machine is very complex and so expensive that very few people have them, so even if most people a willing to help out, they just dont know enough about that machine, since very few indivuals have it, to give great advice. Shadetree welder on STF also has been THE most helpful person and knows lot about that machine. He is very nice and is will to help.
      I learned that the factory settings are very good so I just leave them set, and only adjust the WFS and voltage. Currently I am having problems with run in on my machine.

      Ill send you a PM.

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        I have been using the pulse setting on my 350P alot latly. I didn't think it would work that well for thick aluminum but I tried running a couple of beads on some 3/8" plate and it's awsome. I think it's easier than the normal mig setting. I go with the factory setting but ramp them up a little bit. It says for 4043 3/64th wire to use 390 IPM, but I like around 420 for fillets, with Arc Control and Sharp Arc set to 10. And when in pulse mode you only have to adjust the wire speed, it adjusts the voltage for you.
        Welders do it hotter!!


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          I've got a 350P at work, use it everyday. What size wire are you using? Gas? Thickness of material?