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  • shocking weld

    i seem to have a problem with getting shocked when tig welding. i am a begginer and do believe all my settings are correct. please help...i am using an econotig,dc, and welding on mild steel..thanks
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    your gonna have to give more info of what your using to weld with.machine,process,polarity and a brief explanation of what your doing when this happens.(before the cursing starts)
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      A little more would help us to help you but for now my best advice would be (DON'T BE THE GROUND)


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        i am using a miller econotig, dc current, on mild steel


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          Always wear gloves of course, maybe you need sleeves. Anytime I try to do a quick project in my t-shirt, I might zap myself. A thicker shirt is better, I've been shocked thru long sleeve t-shirts.
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            I've been shocked through my welding jacket..of course it was about 90 degrees and i was soaked with sweat...............hhhmmmmmmmm water and electricity.........DOH!! lol
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              shocking weld

              Hi nerdy, and welcome to this site.

              Well for starters do you have any holes in your sleaves or welding coat,long shirt if so this could be the cause or the other one is when your tigging you could be aiming your torch head to far to one side as welding in which case your getting to much arc from the head and the result is (zappola) the reason I know this is I've done it when trying to get a better view of what I'm welding and man it does smart like heck so I would think of what your doing when this happens and how your doing it then DON'T DO IT AGIAN or you get shocked,but this is my opinon on this matter and it also could be some thing totally different thats causeing you to get shocked.
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                Put the ground cable on the part if possible, believe me it needs to have a good ground, or you will be it.


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                  Need more....................

                  Originally posted by nerdy View Post
                  i am using a miller econotig, dc current, on mild steel
                  What is shocking you? Is it the workpiece or the tig torch? Remember the workpiece is positive relative to earth ground (you) and the tig torch is negative relative to the workpiece and different from earth ground (you, again). Or, maybe you were naughty and got grounded without knowing it!

                  Here endeth the lesson.

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                    Shock Treatments

                    That's Funny..............Listen I have Glenn welder I used for 15 years and set up for only DC stick welding ......... people come in plus my guys will help hold a pc. of metal in place while I tack it..........they get shocked..........LOL.........I hold it...NEVER GET SHOCKED.........???????????? NEVER...........only thing I can think of is that it's the person chemical make up.......LOL.........I never got shocked........ but you may wanna try not grounding yourself........aka.......some type of rubber soles on your feet .........