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Cart for Plasma and TIG

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  • Cart for Plasma and TIG

    Most people's first project is a welding cart; I had to have a ball of extension cords and cables follow me around the shop for a couple years before creating one.

    The biggest thing for me when creating one was power. When doing car work I normally have a couple grinders and an mbx blaster. Add in the plasma/mig/tig and it seemed a rats nest was inevitable.

    Attached to the cart is a 30 ft 220v line which I use for the welders and split into 110v for the outlets. Metal outdoor outlet boxes seem to work well for mounting to a cart.

    Here's what I ended up with. Hope this gives others some ideas.

    I posted some more images here.

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    Looks like you have everything where you need it, looks good. I would suggest adding a cable wrap on the electrical side so you don't have the cord coiled up on top, between the breaker box and outlets. Then add some in front of each machine for their leads, you got to unwrap them to use them anyway. This will leave the top clear for anything else you want to put there, like a MIG machine later. Also a loop handle on the outlet end to ease moving the rig around. A few pipe sections capped on the bottom mounted on the back would make a good storage place for filler rods for the TIG. Next to them add some hooks for extension cords for the 110volt tools. Just a few thoughts I had to make it even more user friendly.


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      About the only thing I would have done different would have been to use expanded metal on the shelves to help keep it clean. Probably would have added a couple of recievers so I could get my chop saw, vice, or ginder to the job a little easier. But it looks good and functional so enjoy it, if your like me you will be modding it at some later date anyway.


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        Nice set-up.


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          Thanks for the ideas

          Thanks for the ideas. I've been kicking around different ideas about the cable management and will probably add something here shortly. I'm also going to clamp the 240 cable to the cart before the breaker box in case something yanks on the extension cable by accident.


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            What Blue did you use?

            ...Looks very deep...?
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              I just bought a couple cans at Lowes. I believe it was their brand, Valspar. I also primed it first which might have helped with the color. After a day our so it seemed to dry nice and withstands minor abuse pretty well.