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Need help welding helical flight.

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  • Need help welding helical flight.

    I'd like to build a welding table to weld augers.Any ideas?

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    Grain augars?

    JUst curious as to what type of augars and if so where can you get material to build your own grain augars.


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      One source is these people.

      They have been around for a few years, I remember them advertising in farm magazines and newspapers back in the '80's. Unfortunately, have no personal experience with them, just never had occasion to deal with them.

      You can also order helical (continuous) or sectional flights thru many bearing supply/power transmission dealers, find one that deals with Martin Sprocket or Screw Conveyer Corp. or similar. Usually what I do.

      To answer the original question, if you plan to build many of these, you need a rack, not a table, that will hold the center pipe high enough to fit the flighting on it. Also a way of stretching the helicoil so it tightens up on the pipe before welding. I still build them occasionally, but just do them on the ground or the back of the truck, nothing fancy.
      Obviously, I'm just a hack-artist, you shouldn't be listening to anything I say .....


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        Any ideas on augar making you have come up with not posted?I'm intrested in this idea of building them yourself. Any thoughts you have please share.