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    Welding Test

    Here`s the deal,gotta a welding test coming up and the sooner I get it done the better.My thing is what will the test entail.Before you ask...they won`t tell me.Anyway...I am a welder,specialty Flux Core.14 yrs./4 actually pending.But...this is my dilemma for now.
    Holla Back


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      Thank you all for your comments on what you would like to see in this years Welding Project Challenge. Our team has taken a lot of your ideas into consideration and come March 19th (if you are a subscriber to Power Click) you will be able to see how we have laid out this year's Challenge.

      Thanks again and hope to see all of you enter a project this year


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        I think the trick is to judge based on creativity and execution rather than monetary worth. That's the only way you can have a relatively level playing feild. I don't know that any time or money limitations will be adhereded to in reality and I think the coolest stuff will take the longest time and the most money anyway. The problem with catagorys for types of projects is some of the most inventive stuff may not fit in any catagory. I'd like to see people allowed to keep their projects and not lose any rights to use them anyway they please. I'd like to see the finalists projects on streaming video too so we can see any moving parts operating and veiws from all angles before the final vote. How about three catagorys under 50 lb., under 200 lb. and unlimited.