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    Does anybody remember how long this challenge usually lasts ? Don't it figure, I go in for foot surgery on March 18 and I also missed last years challenge. With enough pain medication, I'll sneak out to weld after the wife goes to bed - LOL

    What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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      Project Challenge .

      If it is just open to powerclick subscribers , why when I have signed up several times I do not get the newsletter? I got it for a while and it stopped , and no it was not blocked by my spam filter . Once I lost it I signed up again but it never restarted .
      Challenge Categories , Well there should be some basic categories .
      Art ( yard , interior , etc ) 5 -10 hrs . new welder (new to welding)
      Art ( yard , interior , etc ) 5 -10 hrs. Moderate skills .
      Art ( yard , interior , etc ) 5 -10 hrs . Old hand .
      Shop tools and equipment . Small example would be small welding table , cart for small welder, etc.
      Shop tools and equipment . Medium . Small Hydraulic press , Engine hoist , gantry , etc .
      Shop tools and equipment . Large . Large hydraulic press , All in one welding cart (more than two welders) .
      Yard equipment category would have have three levels also , small ,medium and large . NON powered .
      Household Categories should be : Doors , Decorative Iron Work , and Stairs and railings .
      The Art categories could have other hour limits also . But I do not think it is right to pit new welders against old hands . Give the newbies a chance to win against people with their skill levels . Of Course that will be hard to enforce , as if somebody wanted win badly enough they might just fake it .
      As to top prize in each category would be up to you guy's . welders are nice . Attachments for equipment , circle cutters for a plasma cutter , consumables and such . Hats , shirts and other stuff for runners up down to fifth place .
      The staff should pick out five projects for each category and then the board vote on it .
      Posted Projects would have to include five pictures of the finished project and five pictures of the build . All shop tools and yard equipment would have to be painted except Stainless Steel , but all steel would have to be painted .
      JMTC . Dan
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        Thanks for promoting welding!

        First, let me say I agree with Amangii's statements.
        I too am only an amateur welder, having started MIG welding about a year and a half ago, but I am very proud of all the projects I have completed. To date I have built a cart for my MIG unit and gas bottle, a collapsible stand (currently included in the Welding Projects and Ideas section of the website) that holds a small tub for cold beverages, a small stand for a wooden chest for my wife, two 5' hoop-style firewood racks, and 140' of wrought iron safety fence with two spring-hinged gates to enclose my swimming pool.
        I put the welder cart and the collapsible stand up for the Welding Challenge in 2007. I built the projects for the enjoyment and for the usefulness of the items, not to win, but I too am confused about what constitutes a winning project, since I felt that better projects than mine did not win and worse projects than mine did win. I read the rules and followed them; i.e. time allotted, something useful that others would like to build, hand-crafted, etc.
        While the three winners' projects may fall into the required time categories, I do not believe that any of them fit the recommendation that they should be something others would want to build.
        Two of these projects seem to be too specialized to the particular builder, and the other seems too simple.
        None are of interest to me, and I am probably not alone in making this statement.
        Many of the other projects submitted were of greater interest and much more useful to me, and probably a majority of your readers, than the ones chosen to win.
        Hence, the reason for my confusion.
        I will continue to enter projects in the Welding Challenge for as long as I continue to weld, and I hope that some day I can figure out what it takes to win a prize, although that is not the driving force for me doing it.
        The fun and enjoyment and continual need for items will continue to drive me to pursue the sport of welding!
        JMTC, Joe

        It takes less time and money to do it right than it does to do it over!

        Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing.

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          To your comment about "what constitutes a winning project." We do not have a full proof system to determine the project that will appeal to everyone. What we did do last year is pick 10 projects in each time-to-build category that we felt best fit the criteria. We then left it up to the Power Click members to decide on the winner for each time-to-build category. If you and other members of the board feel this is not the best way to determine a winner then we can take that into consideration and if you have a suggestion we are more than willing to listen.

          Everyone's comments so far have been very helpful and the reason we are doing this is to make this year's contest better!

          Keep the comments coming!


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            Project Challenge

            I think we should keep this simple as ideas.
            Four categories.. such as presses, brakes, metal forming tools, equipment carts, welding tables etc.
            HOME...tables, plant stands, railings, trellis, bakers racks, grills, inside or out etc.
            ART...Anything that is considered art and has no other purpose.
            OPEN.....Can be anything such as fancy truck tailgates, headache and ladder racks, implements for lawn equipment, trailers or carts, auto ramps, hitch accessories etc.

            New and experienced weldors to be equal. Just because you're new to welding doesn't mean you don't have the same chance to create a nice project and impress the judges. You are being judged on the project, not your welding skills.
            All projects must involve the welding process as a good part of its creation.
            The welding process must be specified but not the brand of equipment. No brown nosing.
            I don't believe the price of materials should be entered. Who cares? Some will have to purchase and some have it as drops from other jobs.
            Entrants must do all fabrication of project and show documentation by photos. I suggest up to six. Some projects can not be shown properly in their
            operation with only three photos.
            No projects should be allowed that simply take two or more pre made items and are welded together. Example...don't weld a Weber Grill to a Corvette and call it the Fastest Burgers In Town.
            All projects should be made from raw materials that serve no purpose in their raw state. Exception......nuts, bolts, wiring, switches, pumps, motors, etc can
            be used to complete the project but not be the major contribution of the project.
            The project should be of interest to the general welding public.
            The project should be able to be made in the time frame it was entered in by the average craftsman. I like the time frames of 1-5 hour...6-12 hour and 12-20 hour. After all this is a WEEKEND PROJECT CHALLENGE.
            I think Miller needs to look closer to entrants to see if they comply to the category they have entered in and the rules that have been implemented.
            There should be a first place in each category which can win a welder, plasma, etc and a runner up that maybe could win an auto darkening helmet, jacket, accessories etc.
            In the past I have seen entrants be selected as semifinalist that in no way complied with with what I thought Miller wanted.
            Equipment availaible to make the projects should have no bearing on whether
            it would be eleigible to enter........there is no way this could be policed but I think the equipment used should be stated.
            It is up to Miller and the finals are up to the members that vote for their favorites.
            This is for fun and to share. Let's keep it there!

            PS I recently found out there is no Santa........thank God we have Miller. I really have fun with these Project Challenge contests. Good luck guys
            PS again........last year Miller said any project that has been entered before and has not won a prize could be reentered. I don't take pictures of all my projects as the build progresses so if we need to document projects for this upcoming Challenge, they won't be eligible I guess. It's up to Miller.
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              monte55, you said it all. I have nothing to add other than "I second your ideas". Dave
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                I'm Monte55....................and I approve this message
                Miller 252 Mig
                Miller Cricket XL
                Millermatic 150 Mig
                Miller Syncrowave 200 Tig
                2-O/A outfits
                Jet Lathe and Mill
                Jet 7x12 horz/vert band saw
                DeWalt Multi Cutter metal saw
                Century 50 Amp Plasma Cutter
                20 ton electric/hydraulic vertical press
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                and check out some of my ironwork and other stuff


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                  i like montes idea, i think it would be cool to have step by step directions so if i like it i can build one too. Like the plans for the welding table. but on time it shouldnt take to long, but just keep in mind not everyone works as fast as others or just takes a long route to do the same thing.


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                    Yep I agree with your ideas Monte55

                    Inferno Forge



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                      Monte has put in a lot of thought into this, and I agree with all except I think this should be a additional wires, switches, etc. Just raw materials made into something useful. Things you can do with Miller equipment, and normal tools. Or you could add skill level to the categories...those who are novice folks know who they are, and pro's know who they are, so I think separate categories would be interesting...or not. This is just so difficult to make a level playing field, it boggles the mind! Anyway Miller has always been fair and I'm sure the committee will arrive at the right decision.

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                        I like the way Miller did it last year. Let us decide from their top 10 picks in each category. I think giving a grand prize in each category is great, who would'nt?
                        I like Montes ideas for categories. Let's keep it simple please.
                        The problem with making skill levels is the PRO'S could easily enter into the rookie catagory and who would know.
                        Let's just use the 4 or so categories. I think everyone here can find something to build amongst them.


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                          I agree 100% with you!! this is I hope the get new or NON-Weldors interested. NOT to see what a full fabrication shop can produce??
                          Originally posted by fun4now View Post
                          i gotta agree with tool's excluded from the game. if
                          its a hobby or entry level contest a CNC table should be out. hand cutting with a plasma cutter or torch would be ok as lots have them now with prices coming down.
                          a little closer look at the times allowed would be good also.
                          limiting the $ spent is as Harvuskong said, a bit ruff to call.
                          maybe let the members vote on project winers also, its cool to be in the process.

                          looking forward to another fun contest. thanks
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                            I like the giving every one some thing even a Miller Pen Or whay would be cooler would be a small sticker for our tool boxes or helmets?? With maybe the Contest year and miller logo. We could collect them??

                            Originally posted by Amangii View Post
                            My 2 cents. First, I am definately an amature welder... MM135. I do a good job but I don't compare myself to folks who weld as a profession. I have entered the 2 contests with projects I have made for my home. I have yet to win anything but I am curious.... I have seen projects better than mine not win anything and projects a lot simplier than mine I'm confused as to what constitutes a winning project. Perhaps we all vote.
                            My point is have 5 or 6 very specific categories (ART, TOOLS, GARDEN, COOKING, HOME INTERIOR) Less than $100 retail steel cost...less than 10 hours.... and an "OPEN/UNLIMITED" category for as much time or money as you are goofy enough to spend. Poll everyone for category names if you like.
                            As far as prizes, award the top projects in each category similar to what you have before. (if you want amatures to compete then award the 110V units, for the OPEN category award a higher unit) 2nd place gets a hood. Below that, award a couple of places below with something us little guys would appreciate, flap discs, wire, consumables....or a voucher to purchase them would be great.

                            For all entries give them some safety gear for trying (glasses or gloves or a cap... based on random draw). To promote shop safety....
                            BRAVO BLUE....thanks for the opportunity to post my opinion.
                            I BLEED MILLER BLUE!
                            GROUNDED IN FAITH!
                            I have what my Big Bro JESUS has Blessed me with:
                            Miller 251,Miller Syncro 180,Miller 625 Plasma Cutter
                            Want to Buy a Miller PC-300
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                              I am new here and interested in this challenge. Is there a thread from last years challenge somewhere because I would like to see what some of the creations were. Thanks Batman


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                                most of them ended up in the projects or idea gallerys.
                                lots of way cool stuff in there.
                                thanks for the help
                                hope i helped
                                feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
                                summer is here, plant a tree. if you don't have space or time to plant one sponsor some one else to plant one for you. a tree is an investment in our planet, help it out.