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front plow blade for bolens tractor

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  • front plow blade for bolens tractor

    Hey guys IM BUILDING A PLOW FOR MY 16 HORSE BOLENS THINKING OF GOING WITH A 4 FT BLADE OUT OF 1/8TH PLATE WITH A 22DEG BEND IN THE BOTTOM 2 INCHES piece of 1 1/2x 1 1/2 angle top of the blade and over the bend in the blade using 2x 3/8 flat bar for supports in the middle and caping the ends with 1 1/2x 1 1/2x 1/8 angle face in on the ends I will be mounting this to a frame that is used to mount the factory snow blower to the tractor that has hydrolic lift. using it to move fill in the yard. will also be adding a 2x1/4 flat bar as cutting edge. do you think this will be strong engough or do I need to make beefier?thanks garth
    [email protected] trail blazer 301g with all the fixins:delta band saw dewalt chop saw craftsman drill press, sp-135 mm251 spectrum 375 suite case mig, tig w/hi freq. one welding truck.

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    front plow blade for bolens tractor

    I would guess that will be heavy enough unless you plan on moving bolders instead of fill dirt. I think you will run out of tractor before ya bend the blade.