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Triple Head Plasma Welder

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  • Triple Head Plasma Welder

    Hello Everyone. I am new to this board so please be patient with me. I have a project that we plasma weld right now and it is working fine. The issue I have is a new generation part that will need to be plasma welded in three places, on the same plane, on a 1" diameter and also 120 degrees apart. We will be actually using the plasma welder for a "Tack Welder". I was wondering if anybody knows where I could see a triple headed plasma welder? Is there such an animal? I do not want to design a toolhead to accomplish this. Please help if you can. Thanks for your time in advance, Rick

    I've got something in the works right now that will actually have three plasma welders going at the same time. I will have a picture to show in the near future. I did not get any rsponse and that is what I figured. It was worth a try though.
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