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help needed urgently!!!

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    to ohioDave

    thank you for ur msg.
    ur an inpiration to me too. theres times when iv thought about giving up welding when things are going bad, not with the job itself but the general bu**sh** that goes with it. its not easy bein a girl in a male dominated job. all sorts has happened in the nearly 9 years since iv been doing this and if it wasnt for my true male friends keeping my head together i probably would hav changed my carreer. from a gaffer telling blatant lies about me to get me in trouble, to just plain nasty looks and remarks implying that i shouldnt be there, its very hard to deal with every day. its never about my welding either its always about other things.
    reading back to the start of this page im delighted there is so many nice comments and votes of support, its helping me realise that mabay i should really be there an doing wot im doing. i hav the determination to carry on and i really do want to weld, regardless of what anybody says.
    i cant thank all of you enough for helping me carry on, u really are an inspiation to me too.
    lorraina xxx


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      i sew this post for today and started reading and didn't realize it was
      1-31 2008 not 1-31 2009. till the second anyway you've had realy good luck with the welding career. i've been welding for over 20 years and inthe last year i got laid off and now there's nothing for work in the north east. US. i went for a job interview with one company and the lady in the office told me that i didn't know how to weld. (not in so meny words) but the thing is i didn't do any welding, i was walked out to the weld testing part of the building and then told the teacher was out then back to the office were the lady told me my welding wasn't good anough. i'm thinking what the ???? was that. the thing is my welding is amazing. (i really have to get around to puting up some pictures) and without ever seeing me weld she i can't weld. mind you she doen't know the differance between 7018 and a hair brush. so still looking for work and there isn't any welding jobs posted if i'd work for free. the economy is so bad. but the best of luck to you. and keep up the welding. vin-man
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      TB 302
      dynasty 200sd
      spoolmatic 30a/wc24
      suitcase x-treme 12vs
      miller 211
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        great read

        the determination is clear even in your typing... want to come to OZ to teach me how to weld

        best of luck,
        not sure you can call what i do welding....


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          I have used up about 1/2 of a big argon tank in practicing my beadwork. Occasionally I make something that sort of resembles
          2 or 3 nicer droppings of bird s**t in a row. You have talent some of us would really like to have, maybe it's 99 more pounds of rod down the road. Don't give up yet.