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help needed urgently!!!

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    you better be fast walking the cup if you're welding hot, or the pipe is going to be black instead of gold.
    i wouldn't thing you could walk the cup on SS due to its need for longer gas coverage wile it cools. its definitely not some thing i would expect to be learned in a week's time if it could be done. i'm fairly new to TIG but have gotten better results with higher gas flows with SS. walking the cup seems like it would reduce the time coverd by gas ?? never tried it and i'm shore some one with years experience could do it or explain how it gets enough gas coverage ?
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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      James you can walk the cup on stainless as we used to weld 20 inch pipe 3 inches thick and we used a gas lense with the argon flow at 20 and did this to put the root in and 3 filler passes so the gold track machine could take over. The root was not open butt, it had a consumbile insert also known as an EB ring.



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        so did you pass of fail?



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          i passed, i passed, i passed!!!

          hello all.
          sorry no speak for ages. nvr got a chance to get to a comp while at the job.
          i hav to tell u all the great news.
          im a bit rushed just now but will tell u the basics.
          i went away a mig welder and ive come back a mig, mma and tig welder. so glad i took the chance and went down. they are delighted to hav a girl working for them and i am so happy to be there. everything is just absolutely ace!! im so happy and so lucky to hav this opportunity. will speak to u all soon. its been an emotional couple of months but well worth all the effort.
          take care and i will speak soon ok. xxxx


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            My congrats go to you. Glad to hear you passed.
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              shocked I didn't notice this thread earlier!!!! I'm SOOO happy that you passed, shows what determination and skill can do for you!!! But as you will find out, like Engloid had said, not every one will be that nice! When you do it in the field, it will be MUCH different!!! But now we know you can do it!!!
              Thanks for keeping us informed, and can't wait to hear from you soon!!!
              Oh! and PICTURES!!! PICTURES!!! PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!
              I'm not late...
              I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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                good morning all.

                hows it going everybody.

                like i said before, sorry for not being in contact until now.
                i was on a british website called as well as this one before i left to go for the test,( look at help needed urgently) asking for help and a guy half way to the job said to stop in for a few hours more practice at his work which i did. was very good of him and he helped me alot.
                when i arrived at the job they said i was doing a mma 6" 6g instead of the 2" stainless. i nearly fainted cos ive nvr done a stick test in my life either!! if i was told before i wld of got some practice in.
                anyway, i miraculously passed it and was on the job welding pipe supports for a few weeks. if we got rained or winded off the lng tanks i asked my gaffer if i could go and weld in there little workshop jst to get more practice instead of standing about doing nothing. he was delighted with that and all my keeness to learn new things and also to do a tig test. they have heavy wall 30" pipe there too thats to be mig welded. i also asked for a test for that as that is my comfort zone. mig was all i knew before i went there. might still get a test but wel see.
                about 2 weeks ago i got a tig test. it was 2" carbon pipe welded with stainless wire. so im now coded for both as i passed it. totally over the moon.
                did my first production butt the other day which was a 4" stainless pipe. my confidence is growing as that passed too. im a long way from being a great tig welder but i know i will get there as im so keen. my advice to all after my experience is dont be shy. and grab a good opportunity with both hands. it is scary and might not work out, but ul never know unless u try. this just the start for me. im away from the shipyards now and if i keep my nose clean ive been told i will go far as my company are all for training up young ones.
                ive got to be the happiest welder alive. couldnt of made it without all the help and support along the way tho. so a big thankyou to all who helped me get through will never be forgotten.

                even if i failed and had to go back home id be proud of myself just for taking the chance. i learned alot just from that experience alone of doing the stick test.

                well take care all and i will speak soon.

                thanx again x x x


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                  girly welder

                  way to go girl

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                    good for you
                    i would have offered information if i had read this sooner
                    my daddy always said i was IRONHEADED....
                    feel free to P/M me


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                      GIRLY_Welder IS THE MAN!!!! A "girly man," but that's ok!!!!!
                      Congrats on movin up the foodchain so fast
                      I'm not late...
                      I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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                        Proud O' you girl...

                        I was following along when you were going through the whole training and I was cheering for ya!

                        Congrats and good luck. All I can say is that it is inspiring to see someone try hard and then get ahead. I just hope I have instilled some of that in my own kids and can be as proud of them.


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                          hi there

                          thanx for ur nice comments and encouragement. this forum and the uk one has helped me no end with all the worries i had about going to do the test. ive had alot of support along the way which is ace. couldnt of got where i am without it, so its greatly appreciated to all concerned. as for pictures, well my welding is still in the ruff but tuff category so i aint takin photos of that!! heres a wee pic of me tho. im on the left.
                          i had a chuckle to myself with the girly welder is the man comment. loads of guys say ive got some b**ls for what i do. i really am a girl tho. i swear like a man when ma gear breaks down tho!!
                          IM SO HAPPY!!!! finally feel like im getting somewhere now and im not going to be just a mig baby in the shipyards all my days.
                          well its saturday nite and im sober!! wee dram for me then bed i think.
                          thanx again all
                          lorraina xx
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                            LOL!!! Wow, pretty AND a weldor!!!
                            Again, congrats and watch out for those proposals!!!!!!!!!
                            I'm not late...
                            I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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                              Originally posted by girly_welder View Post
                              as for pictures, well my welding is still in the ruff but tuff category so i aint takin photos of that!! heres a wee pic of me tho. im on the left.
                              i had a chuckle to myself with the girly welder is the man comment. loads of guys say ive got some b**ls for what i do. i really am a girl tho. i swear like a man when ma gear breaks down tho!!
                              IM SO HAPPY!!!! finally feel like im getting somewhere now
                              lorraina xx
                              Lorraina, CONGRATULATIONS.

                              I left the more experienced guys help you with the test questions, Im more into stick than I am mig or tig

                              When the gear breaks down, thats normal, its also normal to talk to yourself as your welding or even arguing with yourself but once you start losing the arguments, then you need to come back here for help

                              As far as pics, I cant speak for everyone here but I dont think anyone cares how ruff they look, none of us were born with a welding degree, we all learned somewhere. Take pics and post them, we would love to see your progress, Im sure a lot of guys could even post helpful hints

                              What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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                                Congratulations on passing your test I've been sand bagging this And I was out of town caught the conversation half way through. But you proved your salt and know you have the ticket to show for it. Be proud of that. It takes guts to do what you did. I know for a fact most would have given up.
                                PS from your vernacular I'm going to assume you're from across the pond. Or maybe a Canuck?????
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