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First time TIG beads (pics)

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  • First time TIG beads (pics)

    Goodmorning guys. I finally got my initial TIG setup yesterday. I bought the MAXSTAR STL 150 couple of weeks ago. I'm still getting the hang of coordinating rod dipping and tungsten movement. I'm just so scared to get electrecuted touching the rod on the tungsten.

    A little about myself. I just started stick welding 2 weeks ago and Tig yesterday. I work full time and my sched doesn't fit any of the adult classes in town . I rented Corvell's Tig welding and am using it as a guide for now. I would appreciate you guys input to improve my skills.

    here's my setup:
    Maxstar 150 around 15 cf flow Argon. 1/16" RED Tungsten, 1/16" rod, amps range from 120 down to 45 from right to left. No foot control (Just ordered one last night, after these practice, I felt it's a necessity for tigging. I had to lift the torch almost 5 inches off the plate to cut the arc. By then, the post flow has no protective effect on the piece.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Thanks guys, Jo

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    TIG is not like gas welding, you don't lift it to control the heat. foot control is going to be needed. you add filler to cool the puddle. don't worry about getting shocked. the arc is going to go to the work not you.
    looks like you started out too hot then ended up too cold. about the 3rd bead from the right i think looked about right. look at the back to see that you are getting enough heat/penetration. the filler should be added to the front edge of the puddle, you can back the torch up a tad wile doing this if it helps.
    i really think a peddle is going to make all the difference here. trying to learn without one is making it much harder on you.
    2% cerated or 2% Lanthanated would be the best choice for your welder.
    all in all you are off to a good start for some one without an amp control.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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      Thanks for the tips! I'll post more practice beads as soon as foot controller comes in. Next time, it would include both front and back penetration shots. Thanks again//Jo


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        Many code pipe welds are done with your setup and no footpedal - Most often you dont really need one for steel. Dont break the arc by slowly lifting it away. Maybe try to rotate the tungsten away with a quick snapping motion. Have no fear of electrocution unless you are holding the filler in your mouth or with bare, wet hands and standing in a puddle..

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