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  • New Welding rig

    I decided to try something different with my next portable welding rig.
    Since I often use my pickup to grab materials and parts for the jobs I do, I've been running two trucks in the past. A pickup and my welding truck.
    This time around I'm going to try the trailer idea.

    Here's some pics of it so far, not all completed yet but its done a half dozen jobs so far.
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    I always stayed away from the enclosed trailer rigs because of the air flow required for the welder. As long as that is ok, I suppose that it would be great.


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      I love the last photo..looks great with the tool box under the work bench..


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        Everything will stay much cleaner inside. Nice setup.


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          Nice to be able to close everything up and protect it from the elements!
          Nice and clean and everything should have it's place!


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            There are advantages and disadvantages to every set up.

            Trailers are easier to steel in most cases but if you need to chase a part you can leave your guys woking while you take the truck.

            A truck mounted rig is more professional but your stuff is out in the elements.

            Good luck with your new rig.