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Heavy Duty Slides??? How to? Or where to find?

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  • Heavy Duty Slides??? How to? Or where to find?

    Am building a custom 48ft. mobile shop from a Dorsey drop deck racing trailer. My dilema is I have a Miller Big Blue Air Pack diesel unit (weighs about 2500 lbs.) that I need to mount in the rear of the trailer. Thus the need to build a heavy duty slide system, to slide the unit outside the trailer, (like a heavy duty drawer system) to accomodate air flow, noise reduction, and exhaust dispersion. Was going to build a cabinet inside the trailer, and vent to the outside with custom doors, but still need to remove the unit for servicing, maintenance, and such, and still would not get enough air flow for cooling. If I can move this unit out of the trailer on a slide system, would be my best guess. I have the unit mounted now on a custom deck on the back of my semi tractor, but I do not enough wheelbase to accomodate that current idea with this new trailer. Does anyone have any other ideas? Or any ideas on how to build a heavy slide system with supports? Or where to go? Many thanks!
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    This should be simple for somebody named "WEDOOIT". A trip to the local bearing supply store, look thru the book and inventory at bearings, rollers, and cam followers. Then using some angle and channel, should be easy to figure out a frame with a slider.

    Also consider an overhead rail with a chain-fall. Or just carrying a small forklift in the trailer. Either of these would require a strong floor, but since you are calling it a "portable shop" I would assume you are including lathe and mill, and would need some way to move heavy items around inside to work on.
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      Tippity Tap on the keys and Presto:

      Took all of about 10 seconds.

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        Lift gate work??
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          Building custom trailer...Heavy Duty Slides for Miller??? How to? Or where to find?

          What about giving a look at what they use to make slide-out modules on large camping trailers... they are even motorised, may have to be beefed-up but
          that could be a place to get some inspiration. good luck, keep us informed with pics ;o)


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            many thank!!!!


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              I've been mounting generators and power units on fire and rescue truck for 16 years and since you said you would be running a engine on the tray these are the only ones we've found that hold up to the engine vibration and last. Everything else comes apart at the berings, they may hold the weight but can't take the constant vibration when the engine runs extended.
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                Personally I might be tempted to service the thing up and stick it in with a forklift, vent the thing. Forklift it back out in the event it needs real work, I bet very rare.
                For giggles I looked at instructions, still think I might figure out a way to open it to vent, pipe exhaust to outside.
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                  Miller already made you a cabinet. It's on the machine. All you need to do is get the exhaust out and up and let the fan blow to the outside.
                  If the noise of a running machine bothers you then it gets more complicated.

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