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  • Need Help With NEW IDEAS

    My name is John Powell and I have a problem.My son who is 16 years old would be considered a special needs child.He has a speech problem/balance problem.Teased since starting school.Needs more to do then play with a Play Station.Started Alex a small business,Abrasive Al's Sandblasting.I do some welding plus carpentry.Have a shop to work out of but need some new ideas for father & son to work on.Any and all ideas will be looked at.Just getting ready to buy 5 or 7 Hp.screw compressor needed more and drier air.PLEASE HELP.

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    Check the projects gallery on the home page and look around, there are dozens of useful projects I'm sure the two of you could do together. Dave
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      The Mrs. made the Fire Pit, I made the Angle Fish

      You could add some Fire Pits and Art Pieces to Alex's business

      Abrasive Al's Art

      You don't happened to be near Los Angeles do you? Quotes of 45.00 a barrel to sandblast the paint off so the burn barrels have been put on hold for us
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        Welcome to the board Alex & John. Whatever you decide on, we would love to see pics of the projects.

        You mentioned about the sandblasting business. As soon as I read that, I thought of a small trailer to make the sandblasting business portable. It wouldn't have to be big but yet you dont want it too small. Maybe a closed dry bin to store your sand or walnut shells in, a place for the compressor and your sand blaster. Just keep it in the shop for shop use.

        Like Dave said, there are tons of other projects in the project gallery along with instructions on some of them.

        What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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          That's a great idea, more kids should be taught to work with their hands. I guess I'm just sick of showing "new guys" how to use a can of spray paint?!

          Where abouts are you located in Canada? I know lots of guys in my area always need tree stands during hunting season (liability may be an issue). With all the snow we got today anything to do with snow removal would be very popular!
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            Here's some good info from TP Tools -

            Project and Equipment Index -


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              Oops -
              Here's the link to TP Tools home page -
              TP Tools: tools and equipment, parts and supplies for automotive restoration and auto body repair


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                Thanks for ideas

                Thanks everyone for the ideas and links.All things have been very helpful.Need more to do with this guy to keep him busy.Hunting ,fishing and ice-fishing just don't cut it anymore.Play station don't cut it with me either.We live in the capital city of Fredericton New Brunswick Canada.Very clean city.By for now.


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                  Art Projects

                  Here are some of the smaller "art" projects I've made. I can send pattern's for the rose and/or fish. The bell of course can just hang from a roof eve and doesn't need the stand. It's just a discarded small Oxygen bottle with bottom cut off, a 1/2" or maybe smaller pipe plug screwed into the top and a ring I bought. The finish is heated linseed oil with Japan dryer mixed in. Some line chain tacked first to the plug, 2 eye "screws" and a golf ball will ad a ringer. This one my grand daughter just bangs with the pieice of square tube.

                  The rose is really pretty easy to make but takes lots of hand bending use needle nose pliers -- makes my old hands sore.

                  The rose on the table was a stained glass pattern I drew out on garage floor and then hand bent 1/2" X 1/8" flat (around a small pipe in vice) to match the lines and then tacked together. the rest of table was 1/2 tube and small angle iron to use a 18" floor tile for top. Washers welded on the "feet" so it doesn't sink into lawn.

                  Good luck. I can be reached at [email protected].

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                    Putting in a nice set of air lines for drier air would keep you and him busy for a while.


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