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F-22 Raptor Project for 2011 EAA Airventure

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  • F-22 Raptor Project for 2011 EAA Airventure

    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to point out a fun little project Brad Hemmert (one of Miller's Welding Engineers) did to help promote the 2011 EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI. Brad welded up a replica F-22 Raptor made out of stainless steel using the Diversion 180. It's just another example of some of the fun projects one can do if you have a welding machine.
    Check out the link below to watch Brad put it together, or stop by the Miller booth at this year's EAA AirVenture from July 25th -31st to check it out.
    John Swartz
    Miller Electric Mfg., Co.

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    is there a DXF file available for this pattern??? would be very cool to scale up... cut parts on plasmacam..... weld up to make a wonderful contemporary weathervane........
    just a thought.....

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      Great project,
      Looks like and a lot of fun and very impressive.
      The cutting was great it just looked like a pattern, that is the way it should be.
      Pitty laser and waterjet cutting in Australia is so expensive.
      Was the welding discolouration removed ?
      Was it all just tacked ?
      Was any of the welds back purged ?

      Well done
      Grip it and Rip it


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        Originally posted by H80N View Post
        is there a DXF file available for this pattern??? would be very cool to scale up... cut parts on plasmacam..... weld up to make a wonderful contemporary weathervane........
        just a thought.....
        I guess they don't follow up with their posts, too bad I would like to have the pattern as well.


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          Make it three who want the pattern file.

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            Me me me.


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              H80N, Jigantor, Ltbadd, Daniel, Tritium,

              I too would love to build one of these F-22 models, although using my hand held Hypertherm torch or a grinder to cut the pieces would not do justice to this project.

              I found 3 files in a quick search on the web.

              2 are pdf format and one is dxf format.

              I am having trouble attaching any of the files to this message , so If you want the files I found, pm me and I will send them along.

              It seems that the Miller site does not support attaching dxf format files which may explain the lack of response from Miller's John Swartz or Brad Hemmert.
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                Yep its not the pattern that is the problem its the cutting out.
                Laser cutters here charge by the length of cut.
                I inquired recently about getting an item laser cut.
                The item was only 2D, cut from 3mm thick ali total length of 480mm.
                I wanted 10 off and the cutting company to supply the ali.
                I recieved a estimate of $11.00 per unit.
                That equaltes to 2.3 cents per millimetre (including the material).
                It does not sound very much but to make this item priced correctly for resale that was too much.
                I can not imagine how long the cut would be for the pattern on the Raptor. To take a guess I would say the length of cut would be around 3500 - 4500mm.
                That would cost $105.00 just for the cutting.

                A bandsaw, scroll saw or tin snips could get the job done but the post cutting make good would not be worth it to me.

                Grip it and Rip it


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                  The prints for the Raptor were actually a personal purchase from a company online. I am not able to share the drawings due to copy write-agreement even though I redrew them in CAD so the prints would work a little better for construction in stainless. The link below is to the group that I purchased the prints from. They provide designs for paper airplanes, and they fly awesome. They are a great project, especially if you have kids,,, who am I kidding, if you act like a kid like me. They have the F-22, F-16, F-15, and a couple others. Pretty neat stuff.

                  Brad Hemmert
                  Welding Engineer - TIG Commercial Products



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                    Hi Brad,
                    I have started designing my own Raptor model.
                    One problem I have is that the top section just behind the cockpit is angling downwards at around 20 degrees. The problem shows itself on the sides.
                    The sides will be up above the middle section.
                    My question is did you slightly bend or roll the apex (as per my attached drawing ) so the sides sat down on top of the middle section?
                    I can see a slight curve on your video.

                    I was planning on making mine out of ali but 1mm ali is hard to TIG without a heat sink.

                    Great project.
                    What is on for next year that helicopter that does not exist?

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                    Grip it and Rip it


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                      My Raptor cutting pattern is coming along.
                      I think the hardest part will be the top section.
                      Doing all the mathematics gives you the lengths and angles but how it all goes together is another thing.
                      A cutting pattern program would be great because if you change one dimension all the others change as well.

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                      Grip it and Rip it


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                        The original model that I made did not have the crease/bend that you are talking about, but it was drawn to be built out of paper, which bends and flexes very easily. After making a few of them, I would have put that bend in from the get-go. If that bend is there, the material should be slightly convex rather than concave (which sounds like the issue that you are having). That is actually a change that I have made in my drawing as well. There were quite a few things that you will find when you are building the Raptor that will pose challenges. Translating something that is typically built out of paper to something made of metal poses some challenges. Definitely take bending losses and gains into consideration.

                        As far as the project for next year,,, any suggestions? We have 1 for Helicopter
                        Brad Hemmert
                        Welding Engineer - TIG Commercial Products



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                          Hi Brad,
                          Yes the paper certainly absorbs any loss or gain mistakes in ones calculations.
                          Hard to know how it will work until it is built.
                          I want to weld mine in ali but no way to remove excess heat.
                          If I use 2mm ali it may tack okay but may be a bit heavy or the thickness may spoil the look or take extra work in tapering edges.

                          Great work by the way.
                          Next years model could be the space shuttle, you know a final salute.

                          Grip it and Rip it