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    I'm very new here but have seen some tremendous information so I figure this is the place to ask....

    Could I expect similar or "identical" performance from a Super S32-P and a 12RC if they were attached to say, a Trailblazer 275DC. I'm in the process of setting up a "Do Everything" system (S.S., AL, Steel) with an engine driven unit. The TB seems to be the right replacement for my BC225G+ and I already have the Super S32-P. It actually feeds .035" AL pretty well but I need to know if it needs to go away also.

    I realize these 2 feeders are different animals but in CV mode, what exactly is the difference in performance? Use the 14pin deal on the RC and the clamp on the -32, will they act the same?

    Thanks In Advance,


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    Jeff, they will both weld very well, but they are really different animals. The short arc on the S-32P impressed me, but the 12RC blows it away. It is just like using a shop machine. Very easy to control, adjust and less finicky. The VS feeders can give me fits when they decide they do not want to get good contact with the VS clamp. The ability to adjust the 12RC at the feeder is a real plus some days.

    I wouldn't let the S-32P go away by any means. Keep it and get a 12RC in addition. I have both of those as well as a 8VS. I keep the S-32 loaded with 1/16 flux core and the 12RC gets all the solid wire and dual shield work. It is a fairly good, albeit expensive setup.

    FWIW, if you are wanting max capability with wire, take a look at the TB302. It has a much higher rating on CV than the 301 or 275. It is rated at 325a. That gives you even more capacity. I had planned on getting the 275 until I saw that. Wire capability was one of the main reasons I went with the TB in the first place.....the extra was just icing on the cake.

    '06 Trailblazer 302
    '06 12RC feeder
    Super S-32P feeder

    HH210 & DP3035 spool gun
    Esab Multimaster 260
    Esab Heliarc 252 AC/DC


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      I knew you had both feeders and thanks for sharing you experience. I've been fairly happy with the S32-P but felt that the RC would be superior on aluminum with the right power source and I guess I was right. I'll have to give it a lot of thought though. (read $$$)
      Thanks Again,