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So you think your wife is hard on stuff?

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    Thanks. I grew up appreciating women who could do stuff. While Dad was off shooting 105 mm Howitzers at Germans (3rd Armored Division), Mom was working in Texas building B-24 Liberators. Rosie the Riveter! Still have her toolbox with her name riveted into the lid.

    When I first met Debbie, I knew she was the girl for me. Had her own horses, could change the oil and tune-up her truck, was already an NRA Life Member. And she cooks wonderful stuff!

    A guy just couldn't ask for better.


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      Although I admire the fact she cuts the grass perhaps she needs to take a step back to the basics before being allowed the big machines again. Think remedial grass cutting. see pic below as to what I am suggesting.

      Click image for larger version

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        i would look into a beefier tractor with heavier frame rails.
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          Originally posted by GilaSlim View Post
          My wife has two chainsaws she bought before we were married. She needed them for maintaining the trees on 2.5 acres of mostly horse pasture, with shade trees in the corners.

          A few years ago, she was working with her pastor and a dozen other men, putting up a big Christmas display in the pastor's back yard. Couple of trees needed trimming so several thousand visitors a day could use the walkway to view the displays. Pastor asked, "Can anybody run a chainsaw?" After a minute of everybody looking around and nobody volunteering, Debbie put her hand up. "I can."

          When the day was done, she had earned a new nickname around the church - "Chainsaw Deb."

          A couple years later, we had to clear all the trees from 1.5 miles of right-of-way so the power company could bring in a power line to our 80 acre farm. Deb and I and three neighbors spent four solid days taking down trees, cutting them into firewood, hauling branches and a few stumps out of the way with a compact tractor. Those guys never thought a woman could handle an 18" Husqvarna with such panache.

          And she mows the pasture too.
          My sister-in-law likes to get her hands on a chainsaw too. Too bad though she will bend em till they break. She trashed the bar on my brand new Husky saw, she just kept on cuting till it smoked. She trashed my brother's brand new Husky too. I guess she didn't grasp the concept of when it stops throwing big flakes off the chain and it turns into a fine dust the chain needs sharpened. Finally he went out and bought her, her own saw.

          She likes to brush hog the pasture too. I won't even mention the carnage there!!!

          Fortunately your wife seems to be more articulate in power tools than my sister-in-law.
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            My guess is to much weight on the mower.


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              Originally posted by Portable Welder View Post
              My guess is to much weight on the mower.
              You nail it! But the extra weight help the tractor plowing snow!


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                I think the real message is stay away from Husqvarna lawn tractors ..
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                  My wife says she knows nothing about the 2 lower panels of the garage door being bent. Despite the fact she is the only one that drives the car & there is a Monte Carlo shaped dent in the door in her stall.


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                    Yeah, I have to drive my wife's Grand Cherokee once in a while, too. Just to check the little things like has the oil been changed lately? Is there air in the tires? Or maybe to figure out what the noises and vibrations coming from the front end are...that she hasn't heard or felt until I point them out and then she says..."Oh, isn't it supposed to do that?" Well, No. Those things indicate that a front wheel bearing is in the process of failing, dear.

                    Two problems here, that I see..One is that if it will (somehow) still go, then GO SHE DOES, no matter if it is dragging the entire exhaust system and you could hear that 10 miles away! The second one is that (even when she could hear stuff) she had NO idea that she should maybe ask me or someone that might know about "funny noises" the thing is making.

                    I can't blame her completely, though. The guy who use to live accross the street from me was a grocery store manager and maybe a good one, but he had NO IDEA how to fix anything or even figure out that it needed to be fixed. As my brother says..."That guy doesn't even know which end of a screwdriver to pound on!" So, maybe my wife isn't all alone not having a clue about anything mechanical....****, after being married to me for over 4 DECADES she still asks me questions about medical stuff and I have NEVER, EVER said anything in reply except for "Don't ask me that medical stuff that you KNOW I don't know anything about...ask me about mechanical stuff that I might have some clue as to what the problem might be." I guess everyone can't know everything, though I know a couple of guys that are know-it-alls.
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