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    All finished!

    I guess that since this is the Miller WELDING forum, I have to start off with the obligatory close-ups of my welds. But honestly, I am really more pleased with the overall project as a whole than the welds alone. Although, I must say, the 211 is a very nice machine. I am running C-25 gas and 0.035" wire. I started with the Auto-set settings for 1/8", but I ended up reverting back to manual and running it a slightly hotter than what was recommended on the cover.

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      3/8" plate

      Hinge brackets are 1/2" bar stock.

      This is the existing light post that I placed th 0.250" wall pipe over the top of and then filled with a wet sand mortar. To say that it was "solid" when I finished is an understatement.

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        5/8" axle with brass spacer.

        3/4" bolts w/ corresponding sized holes in hinges. Same 1/2" bar stock welded to bolts.

        Unlike my previous gate, this one can be locked or unlocked from the front or the rear.


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          I might trim out the lock port, but that's about it!

          Thank you to everyone for all of your opinions and suggestions!


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              That gate looks mighty fine now. Should last years longer than the original wooden frame would have. I'm kinda disappointed to see you didn't put the spring suspension on it as was talked about. I was curious to see what you would come up with, but I now see what you you did. Much simpler design and fabrication. Those hinges look like they will do as good as or better than those $127 ones you showed, you saved big time going that route. Keep an eye on the air pressure in that wheel, or else the hinge post will carry all the weight. I did mention a solid wheel might be better in the long run. But that can be changed out later easily enough if need be.


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                Nice job...good workmanship. Thanks for taking the time to show us your project.