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New here. New welder.

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  • New here. New welder.

    I just purchased my first welder, a Maxstar 150s, this week. I have never welded before in my life, but I've been doing a lot of reading. I burned my first 4 rods today of 1/8 6011 and I think I'm going to enjoy this. I have a lot of learning and practice ahead of me. Here are a couple pictures of the new machine and one of the MVP plug system.

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    Hi Jeremy; I'm new here too.

    Nice new welder. If you think 6011 is fun, get some 7018. It will make you think you can weld. The 6011 is for burning thru dirty, rusty metal. And I think, best suited for an AC buzzbox. Not pretending to know something I don't, but I THINK 6010 and 6012 are better DC rods. The 7018 is for cleaner stuff and a LOT prettier. Easier to chip the slag, too.

    Can another new kid (me) say "welcome to the board"?
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      welcome to the board ......................................
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        You will enjoy learning to weld with that machine. As advance you will likely want more power so just keep that in mind.

        As you work with the 6011 it is a fast freeze rod and is good for root welds. It typically is quite brittle when used alone, meaning it will break easier than some other materials. Don't worry it is intended. Combining the 6011 root with a fast fill rod such as the 7018 for fill passes and covers brings in the ductility or flexibility of the 7018.

        Using each rod typically employs different manipulation techniques.

        The 6011 rod is most often used in a whipping motion where the rod is moved ahead of the puddle and brought back.

        The 7018 rod is a weaving rod where you would move side to side as you progress along the weld. There are as many techniques for this as there are welders so find one that you are comfortable with and post some pics here in the forum and we can help out with input.

        and welcome aboard Jeremy, glad you want to weld.



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          Welcome to the board Jeremy. Nice welder. Experiment with several rods and settings. see what each rod will do, it will help you down the road. After you have done that, start making little things for different people, wife, girlfriend, mother, aunt, etc. and give them away. This will give you some experience and also get the word out that you can weld, then look out, people may be knocking on your door.

          What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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