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  • golf cart rack

    being new to welding this is my first completed project.... a front rack for a golf cart.
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    Looking sharp. Especially the TEXAS


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      nice job.
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
      feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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        Looks good...

        nicely designed. I'm a little lost on the mission of this golf cart, though. What will the rack be holding.?


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          cool rack, is the cart for hunting purposes?
          A C T I O N ! ! !


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            hunting cart

            yes the cart is mainly used for dove hunting, booze cruising, or a combination of both. the rack hold boxes of shells, bags, whatever else we need it to hold. we have made a cooler rack on the back and have camoflaged a cooler to match. we are also adding a removable bench seat on the back and the rack will hold the cooler when the bench is attached.


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              nice cart even nicer rack


              more pics
              my daddy always said i was IRONHEADED....
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                hey triggerman ...
                what part of dallas are you in ?
                my daddy always said i was IRONHEADED....
                feel free to P/M me


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                  Very nice, although around here we say."Know why New Mexico is so dry? Texas sucks."

                  Along those same lines, when I was ski patrolling in Red River many years ago I skied past a very long lift line. A native said very loudly. "If God wanted Texans to ski He would have given them snow." Without missing a beat another skier said, "If God wanted New Mexicans to ski He'd have given them money."

                  I laughed so hard I caught an edge and fell in the snow.
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                    preaty sweet for a first timer
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