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tire crusher.

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  • tire crusher.

    been working on this thing off and on for six months. the other day we started crushing tires with it. pics inside are not good because of the size of the machine ( 50' long 8' wide 16' tall; to the top of the doors when closed.) and the fact that it is surrounded by tires; but you'll get the idea.

    six hydraulic/telescoping rams three on each end driving 1"plate towards center from each end.

    the bundle of tires in the picture is made up of 197 large tires, total weight 4900 pounds. off to vietnam.
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    also had to kick the unit up 45 degrees and install a hydraulic ejector on the other side (not shown) ejector pushes up between 5 x 5 x 1/4 sq tube and pushes bale out; once it has been wired together.

    work was done with xmt 304, ellis 1800, couple of victor sets, miller 8rc. lot of torch work. another one is in the pipeline. torch and wirefeeder will get a lot done.


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      Tire Baler?

      Looks like you could also call this creation a "Tire Baler" as that is what the finished product appears to be. Is this to save space to ship them off for recycling? How much HP does it take to operate the hydraulics? How long does it take to make a bale of tires of the size in the picture?
      That big boat looks like it is floating on air. Is that how you transport those bales to Vietnam? How many bales will fit in that boat for the trip?


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        Dammm, I would hate to be the guy that pops the wires loose when it gets to Viet Nam. Gotta have a serious spring to it when released. Snip, boing, Owwwwwwww!


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          Soon to be seen on utube. Some dumb ass kid from the shallow end of the gene pool cutting the straps one at a time till the magical moment when he receives a direct groin shot. Stay tuned...