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BobCat 225 Placement

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  • BobCat 225 Placement

    I have a BobCat 225NT that I want to mount on pickup truck or trailer! Does anyone have plans for truck mounted welder with ox/accet bottle mounted. I'd like to make a skid/pallet to set machine on & be able to remove all when didn't want to haul in pickup. Any Ideals places to go(websites)or plans?
    Dayton, Texas

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    There is some good information as far as air flow and remote oil drain and filter kits specifically for truck mounting on that you may want to check out.
    Have a great day!

    John Leisner
    Product Manager
    Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

    Owner and user of:
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      Thanks Miller John, I'll take a look at the page!
      Dayton, Texas


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        skid for my welder and torch

        its a bobcat 225 propane and a victor torch
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          Do a search, on Miller Motorsports and Hobart, Precisionworks posted some good pics of his skid, very user-friendly.

          Link below is a picture of my skid, a little simpler but fits my purposes perfectly.
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            Yeah, Barry's (Precisionworks) is a good one. He said he based it on my old rig...and I based my new one on his rig. I think its his turn now.

            You can do pretty much what you want with them. There are no hard fast rules anyway. Just keep the things that go boom away from the hot stuff.

            Here is my current one. Not a Bobcat, but you get the idea. Trailblazer, bottle set and hose, and 250' of leads with room for more. I also have space for another bottle clamp.......which I should have put on a year ago.

            FWIW, mine is a 5'x4' base.
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