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    All I have right now is an electric drier outlet that’s not the same plug configuration needed for the MM180. So I bought a 6’ 10gauge 30 amp drier cord for a pig tail, connected the power outlet (wall receptacle) to it that the welding shop told me to use, My question is: is this all I need, to then plug in the 25’ 8/3 extension cord for my MM180 ? The MM180 cord is 12/3
    Will this be safe to use..

    Fab Tech
    Fab Tech

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    The short answer to your question is: yes, it is safe.

    The long answer: The friction connectors are susceptible to loosening and making a poor contact. Inspect your connectors regularly (under load, if possible) for signs of heat. Other than that, go on ahead.

    Good luck.

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      My first career was as an industrial and commercial electrician. If the dryer receptical was all I had; that's exactly how I would do it. How ever, if access to the panel wasn't too much hassle, I would make a dedicated welder outlet. Perhaps a local electrician would trade out the work for some welding. Just my 2c.
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        Thanks guys for your feed back, in the morning I’ll cut up some 1X1 tubing and fire up this pup, do a few tack welds and see how this works out. For my first welding project, it will be a welding cart, :-) Oh ya I’ll have photos too LOL.

        Fab Tech
        Fab Tech