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best gas for 350P

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  • best gas for 350P

    I've been using 75/25 because I had 1/2 a bottle to finish up. Works well on pulse but a little more splatter than I would like. I was going to get the 90/10 as reccomended for pulse but dont know how well that gas works in mig mode. I've been using pulse almost all the time & like it a lot but would still like to be able to use mig mode. ( referring to mild steel work)
    pipe pro 304


    Dynasty 300

    hyperthem powermax 900

    Thermal arc pro wave 185

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    if you want to standard mig, the 90/10 aint gonna do'll have to turn the inductance way up. the weld bead wont lay down very well, although it will be a very clean weld. but, if you are using a 350p, the 90/10 is going to be your best bet because you can pulse on the thin stuff and spray transfer on the big stuff. great machine. hope this helped, if you have any more questions, just ask...

    nothing fancy, just a few hot glue guns for metal