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Repurpose of a Jaxxy mobility skooter?

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  • Repurpose of a Jaxxy mobility skooter?

    Just had a flash... Repurpose a 4 wheel mobility skooter into an all terrain remote controlled welding cart. Got the Jazzy which has a board issue so it wouldnt be too much of a stretch to build a tube chassis for my tig and plaz to ride around the rough shop floor and outside the doors. More on this idea after I get back from dialysis. Hopefully it will be a little better formulated idea by then. Just a passing thought while I was getting ready for my hour ride to a 4 hour treatment. HMMMM, might be a fun and neat project.

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    Still working on the idea. Looks like I can use the joy stick to walk it around on a cable like a remote foot pedal. The skooter will definately take the weight...could be a fun little project, we'll see.........


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      Originally posted by Rbeckett View Post
      Still working on the idea.
      Remember I was told I had too much time on my hands when I built the bowling ball mortar----
      something practical, and which I desperatly needed!
      So be prepared.

      A conversion for the rig that might work better:
      1. Build a decent frame for it, add ATV tires, and a trailer hitch.
      2. Build a trailer for the TIG machine.

      Then you'd have a dune buggy you could tow the welder with.
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        Ed, when I get it done we can use it to pull the mortar around the yard!!! I definately have too much time, but since my sister in law (350+ Lbs) donated her rough terrain capable skooter and said it had a board issue I have been thinking of what to do with it. Since it is capable of moving large people at a pretty fast clip I was thinking I would move the seat forward and build a rack on the back like the old Cushman scooters they used in the old plants and factories back in the day. My grandfather drove one in the coal mines many many years ago and they were the stuff for getting tools, people and equipment to a breakdown. Drive up to the project from the nearest 220 recepticle and go to work. I figure a large easy roll cable holder for the power cord, and spring loaded for the welding leads so I can retract and recover everything prior to a move quickly. Yup, youre right, I got waaaaayyy too much time, but I think it's gonna be fun. It will be the ultimate disabled welders cart...
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