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    Is there a fabricator's Bible out there? One book that demonstrates the most frequent mistakes made when building just about everything. Best way to use a square with a tapemeasure, chalkline, levels, calipers, most everything you would need to know to survive in a fab shop. All book titles are welcome.

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    not exactly but the engineers black book is a must for every shop it has everything from welding alloys heat treating drill and tap ,trig ,shop math, i use mine almost every day.
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        Machineries Handbook 27th edition. Has all formulas, maths and strengths listed for just about every possibility. The book is over a thousand pages and cannot be read as a conventional book, but must be refered to and selected info found in the glossary and used that way. It isnt cheap, but it has just about every possible question covered. Just what I keep handy when I am designing anything.


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          If you can get a copy of Ryerson's Steel Aluminum data book it has everything you need. This has been my bible for 30 years.


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            Machinery's Handbook has been my Bible for over 50 years now. The 1943 version.


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              there are four replies to your query before mine. each has a different book that they recommend. that is because there is no book per se that covers it all. what you need is to get a job. most of the things you are asking about you will pick up in no time as long as you have the desire to learn. it may not sound like the best way to be but i would suggest getting jobs and quitting them and going somewhere else as soon as you become comfortable. there are simply too many things to do out there, no book can cover it all.

              if i was recommend anything it would be a netbook with a wireless card. everything you want to know at your fingertips.