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Maybe your favorite, but what do you use most?

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    I like to use GTAW when I can, I don't like spatter anymore. But I find myself using GMAW more often then I like, mainly for speed and convienence.


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      I kind of figured this.

      Before I asked you guys for help on this one I had a pretty good debate with one of my supplier as to what was used most. I said mig he said tig. I thought that stick might be up there with it but it seems that mig is replacing (by application) it's popularity slowly year by year. I know ya all like to tig and why not? it's more fun, prettier and takes more skill. Tig seems to be used more in our garages on our own projects than in the shop where we have to turn things over faster and make that buck.

      Thanks, I won the $5 bet.

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