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    Just thought I would check in and say Hi and introduce myself. I have been reading this forum for a few months and decided this morning to join. There have been a few posts I wanted to comment on so I signed up. I am new to this forum but not to welding. I started learning in 1988(OTJ type) and still learning, like most folks are likely to do. There were things related to my job that required welding from time to time, I was working as an equipment mechanic. Things break at times and need to be made unbroke to get them working again, welding was usually faster and cheaper than buying new, as alot of our equipment would require special ordering and long lead times to get what was needed, and it needed to be back online ASAP. I learned some on my own and some from our more experienced welders.
    Anyways, I bought my first machine(Bobcat 225G) and O/A torch in 2001, still have'm. I added a MM140 with 3035 spoolgun in 2007 to do aluminum work on boats. I also use it with FC wire, as most of my work is outside.
    I have built a rack for my truck(one of the first things I built with my Bobcat) to haul my steel on, as it's way easier than pulling a trailer around town. I've made A-frames for hoisting, doors for my shop, smoker grills, my welding trailer and a yard trailer to pull with lawn mower, a set of steps to get in the house, along with many other smaller things. A bigger set of steps are planned to access the front porch, gathering money for the materials for that job.
    I believe I can build most anything I want to, if I can get an idea of what it's supposed to look like when finished. I had some mechanical drafting classes in school, so I can draw up plans for projects if needed. Sometimes it's more fun just to start and see how it turns out, making up dimensions and sizes as I go along. Other times I draw it out to maximize material usage. I hate paying someone to do something I can do myself, usually I just need the right tools to git'er done. My ole lady don't give me much problems about buying new tools if I have a good REASON
    to get them. I am now looking for a project to give me a reason to get a plasma torch. Anyhow just wanted to let y'all know alittle about me, be talking to ya later. If I figure out how to reduce the file size of some of my pics I will post'em up for everyone.

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    Welcome aboard. You've already been helpful with the bed rack suggestion.
    MillerMatic 252
    Spoolmate 200
    Diversion 165
    Spectrum 625 X-Treme
    Dayton 6" Miter Band Saw
    Delta Drill Press
    Bosch 10" Table Saw
    Bosch 12" Double Bevel Miter Saw
    Jet 5 Ton Chain Hoist
    Radnor O/A

    and this heavy duty table I made