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  • Favorite welding prosses

    I am just curiours to know what other peoples favorite welding prosses is. (I know thats not all of them, but besides spot welding they are the most common.)
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    love all welding

    But Tig welding is by far the most enjoyable and verisital at least when it comes to repairs and such


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      i dont know , i dont know , i dont know , i dont know ,
      so hard to choose
      my daddy always said i was IRONHEADED....
      feel free to P/M me


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        I really like MIG but TIG I get the most enjoyment out of. Sometimes I could MIG something and I TIG it just because I like it. Never use stick anymore, probably been 4-5 yrs since I last used it. I have to start the Bobcat everynow and then just to let it run I dont do any work outside the shop so MIG or TIG pretty much covers it.
        HMW [Heavy Metal welding]


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          Never learned TIG. Can do MIG but not that enjoyable for me. Been around stick all my life so that's what I enjoy. Build most of my stuff out of oilfield scrap, which can be pretty rusty and the MIG don't like it none to well, so my little Thunderbolt is the most practical for me.
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            Where is the "all of the above button"? Dave
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              what he said. anything that melts steel is fun.
              TIG is my fav though.
              thanks for the help
              hope i helped
              feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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                i like stick the best
                maxstar 150


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                  I think welding is all of them. I wouldn't want to do without any. Oxy-Act is a favorite and used often, love the process.
                  But favorite to run? I'd have to say "MIG".
                  I went most of my life without one because I couldn't see a need for it. I could weld most anything with stick or gas. I'm sorry for that. I had to do a bunch of sheet metal (and wanting to try it) so bought a HH187, one of the finest running machine ever. Every time I use it I am amazed, boy could I have used that over the years.
                  I then added a like new MM200. Wow. Neat stuff.


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                    Can you say coat hanger

                    I love that tig welding and mig is awesome......but something about learning with a O/A torch and some coat hangers at the age of 14 brings a smile to my face
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                      Originally posted by uhohjim View Post
                      I love that tig welding and mig is awesome......but something about learning with a O/A torch and some coat hangers at the age of 14 brings a smile to my face

                      The o/a and coat hangers is my roots too baby!! (at 13) Learned in a junkyard auto repair at that!!

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                        add another to o/a

                        O/A is all I have right now! Miller MIG on order.


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                          TIG, cause I can..
                          Miller Syncrowave 250

                          6000+ hrs Al TIG


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                            I went with Tig, but SMAW would be a close second.
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                              Even though all my certs are in SMAW, I use FCAW/MIG on most my projects. Loved to do more stick however.