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  • Ventilation Question

    Hi everyone, new guy here.
    Great forum, very informative.

    I have a large blower going out the window with 6"round steel ducting running overhead that works well for overhead fumes, but then i learned argon is heavier than air so i am thinking i should run the ducting to ground level also.

    Any opinions?

    Forums are sweet, Like brainstorming with 1000 people!

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    Ventalation should be below the welders nose according to the aws so the welder doesnt have a chance of breathing the fumes it wouldnt hurt to run another vent down low.


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      Best setup would be to have a 4" or 6" hose that you can put close to the source of fumes. That way they are collected before you have a chance of collecting them in your lungs.

      Argon shouldn't be a problem unless you are working in a confined space or in a low area that would allow it to collect in the same place you have your nose stuck in.

      If in a confined space follow the proper procedures and you will be alright.
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        Welcome to the forum Bigkid, I cant help you out on this topic but there are plenty here who can and will.

        We look forward to seeing plenty of pics of your work.

        What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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          Thanks everyone.

          Nice to have some objective opinions vs convincing myself whats right.

          Pictures hopefully soon, Just getting going so not very much to see yet.