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Blue Star or Bobcat?

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  • Blue Star or Bobcat?

    Looking to purchase an engine drive. I like the size of the Blue Star but I've heard that the arc can be a bit "squirrely" and the Bobcat may be a better buy even for the extra $. It will be used mostly as a hobby machine for stick and I suppose I can run a millermatic or maxstar (for tig) if need be...Any thoughts would be much appreciated...Thanks!

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    if you have the $$ you would be better off getting a larger unit as apposed to pushing a smaller one. if you plan on running a MM and or TIG off it the extra generator power would be a big +.
    keep in mind generators don't have the best power to start with and trying to run one at its upper limits just makes it worse.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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      Yeah that does make a lot of sense. I suppose the thing will wear out quicker if constantly run on the high end. Of course that will probably be twenty years from now! I'm wondering how the arc is on the Blue Stars. Anyone use one consistently? I wouldn't be building bridges....Well not in the near future anyway...


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        Good question.
        The Bobcat 225 and Blue Star both run 7018's about the same. The Bobcat 250 is smoother.
        The Bobcat 225 and 250 both run 6010/6011/6013 electrodes much smoother than the Blue Star.

        The Blue Star is nice for its smaller size and portability.

        The Bobcat is nice for its welding quality and generator power. The Bobcat can run your Millermatic 212 models and lower and Plasma Cutters as well as be a good back up generator for your home.

        I hope that helps.
        Have a great day!

        John Leisner
        Product Manager
        Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

        Owner and user of:
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        Smith Dual Guard oxy-fuel system
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          I had a Bluestar, was good for my need as far as tight spaces,had to fill the gas tank every 30 minutes,even when not welding..get the Bobcat


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            I have had a bluestar for 9yrs now and he is right about the gas but this machine is very good I have pushed it hard for hours on end with some
            machine bucket repairs that paid well. I could of used a bobcat with its longer duty cycle but the bluestar is all I had and the work was so good I just kept telling myself if I smoke it I just buy another. I never did.


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              How about the new Wildcat??

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