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Opinions needed. Service/Utility box trailer: what frame material?

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  • Opinions needed. Service/Utility box trailer: what frame material?

    Hello all.

    Picked up a Royal Utility box for a song and am going to convert it to a trailer for a mobile welding rig. Need help on the frame to support it. What thickness and type of material would you build the main frame out of? C-channel? Box tubing? What wall thickness.

    Normally I would over build something, but I trying to keep costs down. My theory is that the utility box is going to provide a substantial amount of rigidity to any frame that I build so I would like to save on steel costs.

    Utility box weighs in at 1000 lbs. and is 8 feet in length. Thanks!

    I am posting this on other forums, so I apologise if you run into this elsewhere!

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    Whats the gross weight of the trailer going to be?

    If it were me I'd use 6x2x.1875. Miter the corners and run the light/brake wires inside the tube.

    Consider a rubber torsion axel (if you can find one heavy enough) for a smoother ride for your equipment.

    If you can't find a torsion axel big enough, consider a dualie axel off a one ton or better pickup.

    LT Tires for the load rating.

    You will need brakes to keep it legal/safe.

    Overbuild it. You will end up carrying a lot more than you plan for now.

    Put a cap on it that you can stand up in. Protects your stuff from weather and thieves. Being able to stand makes it easier to load/unload.

    Exaust the welder through the floor so it dosen't smell up the trailer and no hole in the roof to leak.

    As far as cost saving, It's cheaper/better to build what you need now than to rebuild later.
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      You will most likely be overweight unless you put a 5000/5200# axle under it. With a utility body you will most likely fill up the boxes with lots of stuff.

      I would use tube 2x4x1/4" minimum. 2x6x3/16" as stated will work also
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