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Gas powered stick welder

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  • Gas powered stick welder

    Hey all , been trying to find the best bang for my buck an a portable welder 5 or 6 kw , very reliable ,and very rugged. Would mostly be used for work around the farm and a possible future buisness venture. Thanks

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    I would look at a Miller Bobcat ( Check out the 3 phase power generator if this happens to be an irrigation type farm) and also check pricing on the Lincoln exposed engine 10KW welder. Check their site. It is late and I forget the exact model.

    Good Luck



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      Miller has a new model that would fall into that catagory, the Wildcat makes the power your looking for and a significantly less cost as well as being lighter weight.

      If 3 phase is desirable, the bobcat 3 phase, is the machine to choose, like HAWK said.



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        bang for your buck

        i would go with the trailblazer 302. wildcat is nice and the bobcat 225 or 250 are great also. but for a all out get it done unit with a smooth arc that is super easy to tune with more power go with the tb302. best thing i have bought yet the dual generator is the way to go if you are thinking buissness at all down the road. dont know much about the red modles around hear it's mostly blue. but one thing for sure you would not be disipointed with a trailblazer


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          I also suggest the TB302.
          About a $1500.00 price difference. Twice the machine.
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            Thanks for all the imput nice to know when you have ? There are good pople like you guys to give some direction Now all I have to do is save the cash or get a miller to give me one


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              If you are serious about using the welder/generator in the future for a business, you may want to consider what others have said about going larger. In a business setting you never know what type of fabrication or repair that may be coming your way. When I started my small business (hobby) I had a very limited budget. At the time I figured that the portable unit was the heartbeat of the business, so I wanted a new unit. Had I known how dependable and bullet proof the Miller and Lincoln units are, I would have bought a used unit. The way it turned out, I had a nice new Trailblazer, but I had to do some things without the proper tools because I spent so much on the Trailblazer I could not afford to buy the other equipment until later. Personally I would not buy a portable unit that may be used in a business any smaller than the small Bobcat. My cousin bought a Bobcat 250 that had over 6500 hours on it. That Bobcat still runs well, and has been large enough for anything he has come across so far..................good luck.


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                It may be bigger thant you need but the Miller Trailblazer 302 is a lot of welder for the money.