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Finally built a welder cart!

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    Nice job on the cart!

    What I especially like about it is the way you dropped the frame in the rear to lower the bottle platform. Those 330's can get mighty heavy after 10 or 12 hours of work, it's nice to not have to lift them very high. I had to make a cart in a hurry for a 300 amp Scott-Tarbell power supply and didn't have time to make a fancy dropped frame and was limited on what I had on hand for wheels so I made a hinged ramp so I can roll my bottle up on the cart. I like yours better!!!
    Blondie (Owner C & S Automotive)

    Colt the original point & click interface!

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      Thanx Blondie, I thought about some kind of drop down ramp for the bottle but figured it was easier to just lower the frame rails. I originally wanted a bit more ground clearance for a rough drive way but am happy with the way it turned out.
      I meant to post pics sooner but closed on my new house and have been moving, still am somewhat. But I did get a chance today to take some more pics so here they are. Hopefully they will post right so I cant be blamed for someone else turning red.
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        Thanks for sharing.It's great
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          Much better!! Now we can see what is what.


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            [QUOTE=7A749;262077]The old pix did it no justice.

            Looks really nice now that it can be completely seen.

            The cord wrap I was referring to is the same thing you wind up your lead on, just for the cord that plugs in to the wall. Didn't know if you had it directly connected to a power box or with a long cord you can connect to several outlets.

            I have been pricing the solid tires too for something I'm working on & yes, they are pricey.

            The phenolic wheels I mentioned look like the ones in the following pix. They are the rear wheels. They can be purchased as the wheel alone, these came from ebay & were quite reasonable. They are very durable. I happen to like them better than anything else I have used in the past.

            Good looking cart. Glad you posted the new pics.

            Hi Steve,

            I recognize this cart. It is very well made and heavy sob.

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