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welding table my father built

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  • welding table my father built

    I have been lurking in the shadows for awhile, but i thought i would toss up pictures of the welding table in my shop, that my father built years ago. The base was an old portable basketball hoop form a local college that they were scraping. To move it you use a jack up a jack bottle jack and it presses down on a caster, which is connected to all four by a rod system. To set in place release the bottle jack and it sits flat on the floor. Table is 1/4" plate with space between plates to place c-clamps in the middle of the table. Extension at the end of the table for long metal. Cut off saw is flush with top of table.
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    I think it's pretty darned clever. Gonna last a few more generations, huh?
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      That is a cool table

      Man that thing is packed with cool ideas, your father was a thinker.


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        Pretty trick, and the slat design can be replaced as they become damaged or unusable. Slick idea all the way around!!


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          Very Stout, and practical!

          Nicely thought out cantelever design for the casters and love the replaceable slat top pieces!

          Like others have stated, lots of great ideas there!

          Thanks for sharing!


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            I'm working on a small welding table and I like the arms for the chop saw to sit on. I'm going to add those to my table. Thanks for posting!