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    I have been putting pipe in bunks, using 1 trailer, load and unload. Now I have a scheme to build some more and been scrounging materials. Will have a pic of finished 1st unit soon, may have enough stuff to do 4 more. I will be able to sort and keep the materials on its own trailers.
    The 3rd pic shows what they do.
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    We do similar set-ups in the patch...Put a hitch on both ends and you can tie on to it from either end..

    Bobcat 250EFI

    Syncrowave 250

    Millermatic 350P

    Hypertherm 1250

    A Bunch of tools

    And a forklift to move the heavy stuff with..

    Torchmate 2x2 CNC Plasma

    It's Miller Time - Get Back To Work!


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      We had considered some with hitch both ends and it could work for pickup/laydown but there were some issues with that, the re-hook time would be as much as driving back and then we would have pipe on both ways plus hitch sticking out and loaded off center.
      We don't lose all that much cost from putting in bunks but it adds to a lot of sorting and mixing and many times on the day I want to do the job it adds a couple hours and I want to finish in one day especially at our satellite farm. As soon as the weather breaks I will load them, have sitting and ready to go. I have a couple brands of pipe which adds to some confusion and need a couple 3 lines with different nozzle sizes. I will put a block under the rear and raise with jackleg for winter storage.


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        I am over half done with number 3. Using up a lot of scrap, hitches, some axles I had around. So far the only thing besides a little consumables I have to buy is some jack legs. Found 60 ft of pipe for tongues. That I thought I might have to buy some new tube for but then I score some I forgot I had.
        I am kicking myself for not scoring some more mobile home frames all these years, been coming up with all kinds of uses lately and running out.