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Newbie Help On Broken 250

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  • Newbie Help On Broken 250

    I am going to look at a used Synchrowave 250 that has quit working. It is approximately 12 years old, has the gas regulator, torch, foot pedal and chiller. It was used in a small shop and quit working so the owner purchased a new unit. I don’t know the first thing about a TIG, I am a home hobbyist, but the price on this one may be very reasonable. My question is what should I look for? I would like to see if the stick portion works and isolate to the HF unit. The owner doesn’t seem too knowledgeable about the welder and has no ability to troubleshoot it. He says it will not produce the HF arc, is it possible the air gap setting could be out of adjustment? He doesn’t seem to know anything about this. How about the foot pedal and connector? If the output contactor control switch is set to “on” does it bypass the remote foot switch? How about the volt and amp meters, do they work for both the stick and HF setups? If they appear to be dead or working what might that tell me? I am just looking for a coarse step by step procedure that might help me isolate the problem or at least down to a functional unit. The owner did say he had some problems with one or two switches but I can’t recall which ones. Are these units generally pretty reliable? The chiller is about 6 years old and I think I can get the unit for around $300 complete including a roller cart, missing just the gas bottle. It comes with about 25 foot of torch cable.
    Thank you for the help.