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  • ? on leathers

    has n-e-1 used the miller jackets iam thinking bout getting 1 cause my leathers are burnt up but i want to make sure there worth it

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    form what i understand when i talked to miller the only jacket they have availible one they have is the cloth jacket, they been having qc problems with the lethers


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      they been having qc problems with the lethers

      lots of back orders.
      the glove line is great though, i tried them all and they rock.
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
      feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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        yeah i agree i love the gloves theyre the best.


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          Personally I think the Miller's look far too nice to burn up welding, they would make a nice dress-up jacket though.
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            all tell you what i got a tillman black onyx leather jacket i wore it to work the past few nights everyone said hey nice riding jacket they all thought it was a regular leather jacket, they were clueless it was a welding jacket.


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              i just use a denim long sleeve shirt.


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                i use hanes muscle shirts and t shirts unless its cold outside the i throw on a dikies shirt
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                  ? on leathers

                  Hi tig-welder

                  I just got a dark blue welding coat (9oz-cloth)from miller for around $17.00.
                  I've always used either a long sleeve shirt or the cheap mock jersey shirts you can get at wal-mart or tsc,depending on where you live, they are CHEAP plus if you don't like wearing alot of heavey clothes while welding due to constant or bulkeness.

                  This is what works for me and I've been doing it for 20+ YRS
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                  Lots of vise clamps(not enough)
                  assortment bar clamps


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                    i would just use whatever but my wife made me buy all the safety gear they sell plus i kinda think it looks snazy, and in school they make you wear all that gear anyway.