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    Has anyone recieved their calendar yet.

    Thank you
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    Not yet, I imagine it would take about 4 weeks. We just recently filled out the forms and Im sure they have thousands to send out.

    What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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      No, i am prob 3,999 on the list...Bob
      Bob Wright


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        Miller replied and said that they had sent out some calenders, but they would have to send the rest out in the 15th


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          aametalmaster No, i am prob 3,999 on the list..
          that would make me #4,000.
          on the 15th of ????????................
          thanks for the help
          hope i helped
          feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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            Originally posted by fun4now View Post
            on the 15th of ????????................
            of the month that they come out ...
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              I'm pretty sure I'm screwed as far as the free calendar goes ....Despite my best efforts, I think the Miller staff has realized that I am Red & Black to the Core , and there just isn't any changing me , so why waste the calendar???

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                Maybe they will send with the winner!

                Maybe they are waiting to see who will win the contest, so they don't send him a duplicate?


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                  Originally posted by Black Wolf View Post
                  I am Red & Black to the Core

                  Ammonia refrigeration tech
                  Trailblazer 302 (yes, it's new)
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                    Getting a calender

                    How do you go about ordering a calender. Use to be that we had more calenders sent to our company than we could all use, for the past two years we did't get any sent to us.


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                      Originally posted by triggerman
                      No.....Not Heresy ..... just like Lincoln better.

                      All of my equipment is Lincoln, and if I'm buying it for myself, OR purchasing new equipment to use at the company I am working for..... it will ALWAYS be Lincoln. I think I've purchased upwards of $35,000 worth of machines in the last 3 years, and just got a new $8500 budget on Friday for more welding toys.

                      I have tried though to be very careful not to disrespect Miller, Hobart, or ITW, while on their respective forums, so I try to avoid giving members machine specific "Red & Black" recommendations.

                      The garage giveaway would have been a good opprotunity for Miller to get their equipment in my hands - maybe even change my mind, but alas it did not happen (Surprise, Surprise) so I'll stick to what I know, and what I own.

                      Sorry for hijacking the thread. I know you meant the comment in humour, I'm just explaining myself.
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                        We all received an e-mail from Miller:

                        Dear Members,

                        Thank you for your participation in our online message boards. As a thank you, we would like to send you one of our coveted 2008 Motorsports Calendars. Please complete the online form with your mailing address by December 31, 2007 to receive your free calendar.

                        Maybe you didn't sign up early enough for the software to recognize you and send you the e-mail.

                        It's not really her job, but if you sent a really nice e-mail to Admin (Holly) she might be able to direct it into the right hands. Just don't tell her I said to do it....I'm probably in enough heat for being a Lincoln Lover.

                        If I turn up my speakers, I can hear the cadence of the torch wielding villagers on their way to my computer......

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                          Reponse Back From Miller

                          I emailed miller and asked direct about a calender and Rhonda from literature, wrote back to me the very next morning asking for a ship to address and said that she would get one right out. Great reponse ,anytime I have asked miller any questions. If only all companies could be that efficient. Thanks for the tip.


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                            got mine today,real nice calender.better than last mine says at bottom thanks from andy and

                            thanks andy.


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                              Just got here but I would love to have one if there are any left.