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warpage on 3/8 SS

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  • warpage on 3/8 SS

    I weld these SS cam brakes at my work every few weeks and they always seem to warp, it doesn't affect the way the brakes work but I would like to weld them and have them stay true. The plate is 3/8 308 SS and the pipe is 4" sch 40 TIG(whoops I mean GTAW, just joking) welded all the way around. I usually weld a 1 1/2 fillet on one side then a 1 1/2 lap on the other side, then let it cool down and continue. The pipe is 5 1/2" long but by the time they are finished the gap between the ends of the plates is 5 1/8". I've tried putting a 5 1/2" piece of metal between the ends and welding it but when it's finished and cooled I have to smash it out from between the plates and it's still warped. Any help is appreciated.
    Welders do it hotter!!

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    Thats the bad thing about stainless you spend more time straightening it than welding it. I used to weld pump covers from 1/2" thick SS plate and they bent like banannas. But half of being a welder is knowing how to make your parts look good after welding...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      here's some pics of the brakes, sorry for the quality.
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      Welders do it hotter!!


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        2 suggestions...
        Clamp the flat section down hard with something behind it
        to bend it a little against the way it's warping.
        Mig it instead of tig if you can, the mig is a lot faster
        and you will put less TOTAL heat into the assm that way.
        I usually have much better luck with respect to warpage
        running a mig" hot and fast" vs. poking along with the tig.
        Dave P.


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          if possible try what fm117 is saying.two other options (but they are after its been welded)is applying heat on the opposite side to pull it back out.the other is using a small hydraulic jack to straighten.
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