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Loud Buzzing Noise (EconoTIG).

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  • Loud Buzzing Noise (EconoTIG).

    A couple days ago i heard a wild loud high pitch buzzing noise come from my machine (3 year old EconoTIG). I thought it was a weird fluke, but now 3 days later, wether I'm welding with a arc or not, the noise is now constant with the pedal down.

    The machine seems to weld fine, but the noise is horrible!!

    Anything I can do?

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    tell it to be quit your trying to work lol , honestly i dont know you could always call miller and ask them for help if you dont get a reply on here sorry i couldnt help much


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      Got some information from Robin in service at Miller.

      Was told that the contactor (Part # 188009) is a part that becomes noisy over time and doesn't degrade enough to affect the performance of the machine.

      I'm replacing it anyway because its annoying. The part is apparently simple to replace.

      Hope this helps the next fellow that searches for the solution!


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        Hi !

        This noise is very common when some scrap of stell get inside the machine contactor. Just a small scrap of stell from the grinder is acummulated inside the magnetic part of contactor. The scrap does not allow the magnetic close completly. Noize . The current in coil of magnetic increases.

        Open and clear

        Do not grind stell on top your Econotig.


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          What the **** is stell ???????????????
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            That's French Canuck for steal

            A company I used to work for had an Econotig and the contactor went out twice over eight years. We had contactors up the wazoo for maintenance so finding a replacement was a simple as matching coil voltage and current rating.
            Pull the cover and swap it out.
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