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1990 ford bronco lightbar

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  • 1990 ford bronco lightbar

    does anyone have plans or ideas on how to mount and where to mount a lightbar for 2-4 offroad lights on a bronco?

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    my buds and i just built a offroad bumper for the 87 bronco but i should have taken some pics of it but didnt

    start with cardboard cut some angles and shapes and see were it goes thats how we did ours just kinda wing it till it looked cool then did it for both sides
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      I built a trail bumper for a 1992 Bronco not too long ago. He ended up putting 3 lights on it.

      Thats the thread with all the pictures. I can get dimensions or lay out what I did for you, if youd like.

      Edit: He had the same 3 lights mounted behind a billet grill before hand, with a simple angle iron piece. Might think about something like that too.
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