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Connecting a Coolmate 1 to syncrowave 200

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  • Connecting a Coolmate 1 to syncrowave 200

    To connect an Miller Coolmate 1 water cooler to a Miller Syncrowave 200 you will need 3 additional parts.

    OK...Figured it out.
    In addition to the solenoid adapter, and water cooled torch, and water cooler
    You will need these 3 parts for connecting a Miller Coolmate 1 water cooler to the Miller Syncrowave 200.

    ONE R/H female to female 5/8-18 coupler to hook the gas hose from the regulator on the argon tank to the short hose on the adapter/solenoid gas out connection.

    ONE L/H coupler female to female 5/8-18 to connect the short hose from the adapter/solenoid to a 3 foot hose to the water return on the cooler upper fitting/

    ONE 3 foot water cooler hose with 5/8-18 L/H male fittings on each end. 1/4 inch barbs and 1/4 inch hose.

    Part # coupling female /female AW430
    Part # coupling female/female AW 431
    And water return hose with two male L/H threads 5/8-18

    You are done!


    If you are putting the Coolmate 1 on the BOTTOM of the machine you may still need a short hose to connect the water cooler to the solenoid/adapter.

    This is the CORRECT Diagram.
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