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  • FusionKing
    When I fix those I usually braze them and have good sucess. I both pre and post heat as well.
    There is a company or two that sells them reasonable enuff that unless they are for yourself all things considered its better to go for new. Unless you're quite inexpensive pr hr. At least that is how my marina customers view it by the time they R&R etc. HTH

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  • crzdriver
    started a topic Cast problem

    Cast problem

    I'm trying to repair a pair of exhaust manifolds off of an inboard 350 c.i. I'm using a nickel-ferrous rod that I have used with great success on other castings and manifolds. However, on these particular casting, I'm having porosity problems and cracks around the weld (I am preheating the whole thing). Any of you know what these may be cast out of? I've heard white castings will give these kinds of problems, but I wouldn't think that would be suited for a manifold application. The metal is very grainy in appearance when I attempt to weld it. Thanks for any ideas!