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  • Syncrowave 200 Help on SET UP

    Hi all, I just got a new Syncrowave 200 last week and need some help with the set up... I will be using it for mild steel, some SS, and some aluminum. Well lets get down to what I need to start with:

    What Number works best when using the Pulse Control?

    I weld 1/8, 3/32, 16ga, and 18ga mild steel and SS...

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    Congrats on the new 200.

    Use 1/16 lanthanated tungsten for 18 ga and below. 3/32 should work from 50A to the top end. You can use it for steel, SS and Al.

    Pulser for 16 ga and below (if desired, not really a requirement). Set 100% for peak, 40-50% for background, 1.5PPs to start. Set main amp knob at or a little more than one amp for every 0.001" thickness of material. Use foot pedal for final amp control.

    Now...just go play.


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      thanks for the reply


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        This is interesting,
        Could you go through the setup steps for the 16ga steel for a total beginner?
        I have not even plugged the machine in yet.
        Thanks for your help.

        SyncroWave 200